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Affordable Dental Plans in Tampa | Take Care of Your Gums

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Affordable Dental Plans in Tampa Affordable Dental Plans in Tampa

Gums can become swollen for many different reasons, but it usually is a signal that something is wrong. Swelling often occurs overnight due to a foreign body getting stuck below the gums, which will cause an infection similar to a splinter in your finger. It could also be the first sign of gum disease. Below are some possible causes for gum swelling and what you can do to help relieve it. Sign up for a Doc Wellbee dental savings plan; the most affordable dental plan in Tampa. To sign up call our office at (866)519-7667 or go online to

Gingivitis is a common gum irritation that is caused by inadequate or inefficient oral hygiene. It is also an early stage of gum disease, and can be characterized by gum swelling, redness as well as bleeding during brushing or flossing your teeth. To help relieve and prevent gingivitis in the future try taking a little extra time to make sure you are brushing and flossing well. In many cases good brushing and flossing has reduced the swelling in just 7 to 14 days, and bleeding had also stopped. If you are unsure if your gums are still swollen or of how to brush or how to floss effectively, visit your dentist or dental hygienist so they can show you the proper way. Make sure to take the most affordable dental plan in Tampa with you, it could save you a lot of money when it comes to gingivitis treatments.

Braces can also make a person more susceptible to swollen gums for two reasons; braces can make it difficult to remove all the plaque between teeth and the gum line, and your gums also occasionally react to the presence of braces by swelling. If this is the case, your orthodontist will consider referring you back to your general dentist for proper treatment. They may recommend that you use different appliances to better clean your teeth where oral appliances may interfere.

Gum swelling can also indicate deep decay within a tooth, which has spread into the gum through the tooth’s root. This is less likely to happen if you make regular visits to your general dentist, when he or she can detect and treat minor cavities before they become significant problems. It’s important to go to the dentist regularly, every six months, to make sure these things don’t happen. Make sure to save some money when you go by signing up for the most affordable dental plan in Tampa provided by Doc Wellbee. Untreated decay can spread deeper into the tooth until it reaches the pulp. If the pulp within your tooth is infected or has died, a root canal treatment may be needed to save the tooth. If the tooth can’t be saved, it will require extraction.

If you are unable to get the situation under control in a reasonable amount of time, make sure to see your dentist. Sign up for a Doc Wellbee dental savings plan; the most affordable dental plan in Tampa. To sign up call our office at (866)519-7667 or go online to

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