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Top Dental Plans in Miami | Something’s Not Quiet Right…

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Top Dental Plans in Miami Top Dental Plans in Miami

You probably expect your mouth to feel sore after a dental procedure, but you may not expect a locked jaw, nausea, fever sores, or clogged ears following treatment. Sometimes it’s hard to tell what symptoms are normal and which ones require a trip to the dentist. Some of the more common issues and their causes are listed below. Call your dentist if you are experiencing pain, bleeding, swelling or other discomfort following treatment. But first, sign up for a Doc Wellbee dental savings plan; the top dental plan in Miami. To sign up call our office at (866)519-7667 or go online to

Dizziness and nausea: this is typically a response to the numbing medications used during extractions or other treatments. Nausea is especially common and may linger for three to five days. If you’re still feeling sick to your stomach five days after the procedure, be sure to consult your primary care doctor.

Ear ache: Pain in your ears, ringing, or the feeling that your ear is clogged can be related to muscle strain after having your mouth open during treatment. You may also have an infection, or you may have a cold/allergy that is actually causing the symptoms. Call your dentist and sign up for Doc Wellbee’s dental savings plan, the top dental plan in Miami.

Pressure: one interesting thing about fillings is that if you get a white filling, you may experience a little more irritation than you do with a silver filling. The process used to place white fillings on your teeth results in shrinkage of the composite filling material. This can cause you to feel pressure and sensitivity when you bite down. Thankfully this problem should solve itself within a few weeks, but if it doesn’t make sure to check in with your dentist.

Increasing pain: in the days following an extraction, if the pain worsens, you may have “dry socket” and should see your dentist immediately for treatment. It’s important to follow your dentist’s aftercare instructions to encourage the formation of the blood clot that covers the extraction site and allows the area to heal. A medicated dressing placed in the extraction site by your dentist will almost instantly relieve the pain. You may need to get the dressing changed daily or every two days, or you may get a dressing that stays in and dissolves over time. You may also need antibiotics and/or pain medication. If you do have dry socket you can save money by signing up for the top dental plan in Miami.

Sore Jaw: Any procedure that requires you to keep your mouth open for an extended period can result in jaw soreness and stiffness. A slightly sore jaw is normal following dental treatment. If the pain is severe and doesn’t go away with painkillers, call your dentist.

Avoiding dental checkups and cleanings often results in the need for restorative care, and the longer you avoid the dentist the more likely you are to need expensive treatments. If your budget is keeping you from seeing your dentist, consider getting a dental savings plan. A Doc Wellbee dental savings plan is an alternative to traditional dental insurance. It gives members savings between 25-65% on a wide variety of dental treatments. To learn more about the top dental plan in Miami contact us today by calling our office at (866)519-7667 or going online to

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