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Top Dental Plan in Florida | Dental ER Visits

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Top Dental Plan in Florida Top Dental Plan in Florida

A study by the American Dental Association found that a patient comes into the ER every 15 seconds a for a dental emergency. Of all these dental emergencies, The ADA estimates that almost 80% of the visits could have been addressed by a visit to the dentist. To make it clear, emergency rooms don’t fix dental problems; they just provide care for infections and medication for pain management if needed, however, restorative care such as crowns, root canals, and other services are not provided.

After being seen in the ER patients will still need to see a dentist to deal with the cause of their dental problems. Therefore, not only are you left with a hefty bill from the emergency room, but you also need to pay for the necessary visit to the dentist afterwards. A dental savings plan will help you continue to see the dentist regularly because it is a cheaper alternative to dental insurance. You can save up to 65% off on your next trip to the dentist with a Doc Wellbee dental savings plan, the top dental plan in Florida. To sign up simply call our office at (866)519-7667 or go online to

Another brief from the American Dental Association found that dental insurance does not work for many people. Specifically, they found that that 70% of adults pay more for dental insurance than what their dental care actually costs. Therefore, don’t let a lack of insurance keep you from the dentist! If you can find a participating location, there are a few local dental schools that offer preventive dental care to the public by supervised students for free or at discounted prices. Also, based on an individual’s ability to pay for dental care, there are a few clinics that also offer discounted or free services. There are also dental savings plan, which are similar to insurance, but are much cheaper and offer savings up to 65% on almost all dental procedures. Dental savings plans are useful for everyone because there is no paperwork, no waiting periods and everyone is accepted. Doc Wellbee offers a very affordable dental savings plan, in fact it’s the top dental plan in Florida. Another option is the Health Resources and Services Administration, which is the nation’s primary resource for uninsured citizens or those who are at high risk of developing health problems if they don’t get care.

Another great option is a dental savings plan. These plans are an affordable alternative to dental insurance because these plans are typically priced at half the cost of a dental insurance policy. A dental savings plan from Doc Wellbee saves members 25%-65% on dental care from a nationwide network of quality dentists, paying their reduced fee directly to the dentist. Unlike insurance, with a dental savings plan there is no paperwork to file, no pre-authorizations required before getting treatment and no annual spending limit. A Doc Wellbee plan is ready to be used immediately.

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