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Top Dental Plan in Florida | Dental ER Visits

A study by the American Dental Association found that a patient comes into the ER every 15 seconds a for a dental emergency. Of all these dental emergencies, The ADA estimates that almost 80% of the visits could have been addressed by a visit to the dentist. To make it clear, emergency rooms don’t fix dental problems; they just provide care for infections and medication for pain management if needed, however, restorative care such as crowns, root canals, and other services are not provided.

After being seen in the ER patients will still need to see a dentist to deal with the cause of their dental problems. Therefore, not only are you left with a hefty bill from the emergency room, but you also need to pay for the necessary visit to the dentist afterwards. A dental savings plan will help you continue to see the dentist regularly because it is a cheaper alternative to dental insurance. You can save up to 65% off on your next trip to the dentist with a Doc Wellbee dental savings plan, the top dental plan in Florida. To sign up simply call our office at (866)519-7667 or go online to docwellbee.com.

It might feel good to brush your teeth with toothpaste, but you can actually remove food debris and plaque from your teeth without using toothpaste. Additionally, mouthwash promises to whiten your teeth, prevent cavities, prevent tartar buildup, kill germs that cause plaque and gingivitis and freshen your breath. In most cases mouthwash does deliver on these promises, but you don’t always have to swish with mouthwash to have a healthy mouth. It’s always important to save money where you can and with a Doc Wellbee dental plan you can save 25%-65% on almost every single dental procedure. Doc Wellbee offers the most affordable dental plan in Georgia, so if you haven’t signed up yet, be sure to do so soon! You can call our office at (866)519-7667 or go online to docwellbee.com. Learn how to clean your teeth without toothpaste and mouthwash down below:

You probably expect your mouth to feel sore after a dental procedure, but you may not expect a locked jaw, nausea, fever sores, or clogged ears following treatment. Sometimes it’s hard to tell what symptoms are normal and which ones require a trip to the dentist. Some of the more common issues and their causes are listed below. Call your dentist if you are experiencing pain, bleeding, swelling or other discomfort following treatment. But first, sign up for a Doc Wellbee dental savings plan; the top dental plan in Miami. To sign up call our office at (866)519-7667 or go online to docwellbee.com.

Gums can become swollen for many different reasons, but it usually is a signal that something is wrong. Swelling often occurs overnight due to a foreign body getting stuck below the gums, which will cause an infection similar to a splinter in your finger. It could also be the first sign of gum disease. Below are some possible causes for gum swelling and what you can do to help relieve it. Sign up for a Doc Wellbee dental savings plan; the most affordable dental plan in Tampa. To sign up call our office at (866)519-7667 or go online to docwellbee.com.

If you are experiencing jaw pain, it’s a good idea to get it checked out by your dentist. They will examine you, sometimes with the aid of x-rays, to determine the cause of your pain and the best way to relieve it. Help yourself save some money and sign up for a Doc Wellbee dental savings plan; the best dental plan in Atlanta. To sign up call our office at (866)519-7667 or go online to docwellbee.com. Jaw pain can be traced to a number of causes. The most common ones include:

As if some of us didn’t already have enough to worry about when it comes to food, now we have to worry about whether or not food is hurting our teeth. There are both healthy and unhealthy foods that can contribute to dental decay and cavities, and we will explore these foods below. We’re not saying that you have to cut these foods out of your life, just put a limit on how much and how often you indulge in these particular foods. Afterwards make sure to rinse out your mouth with water and don’t brushing for at least an hour. This is because many of these foods temporarily soften tooth enamel. If you do end up at the dentist office with a cavity, be sure to go in prepared with a Doc Wellbee dental savings plan; the top dental plan in Jacksonville. To sign up call our office at (866)519-7667 or go online to docwellbee.com. Here are eight foods that you should be more aware of –

Teeth are the hardest substances in your body, they’re even harder than your bones! However, this does not mean that they are unbreakable, in fact people crack and fracture their teeth all the time, whether it’s from a fall, an impact, a blow to the face, or another type of stress or trauma. If you have teeth that have suffered a previous injury, have deep and untreated tooth decay, or are structurally compromised by old fillings, those teeth may be more prone to cracking than undamaged teeth. Cracked teeth can be minor problems or serious issues. Tiny cracks in the teeth don’t cause any discomfort, and don’t generally need to be treated. However, when you suffer from a cracked tooth you will know it right away—and you will need to seek treatment promptly. If you need treatment for a cracked tooth, make sure to sign up for Doc Wellbee’s dental savings plan because it is the most affordable dental plan in Orlando. In order to sign up call our office at (866)519-7667 or you can sign up online at docwellbee.com.

When it comes to cracked teeth, the affected tooth may produce an immediate, sharp pain and in other cases, the discomfort may come and go in response to consuming hot or cold foods and beverages, or to biting and chewing. Any of these types of pain indicates that the tooth’s nerve has been damaged or exposed. If you crack your tooth and a trip to the dentist is necessary, be sure to sign up for the most affordable dental plan in Orlando, through Doc Wellbee. Doc Wellbee can save you 25%-65% on almost every dental procedure. There are a few different cracks and fractures that can occur, these include: craze lines, cracks on the chewing surface, a fractured cusp, large fractures and a root fracture.

When it comes to dental insurance and a dental savings plan there are areas where both succeed and areas where both are a little lackluster. Dental insurance won’t save you as much as a dental savings plan when it comes to orthodontics, cosmetic dentistry and procedures over $1,500. Even though dental insurance has been around for decades, there are a lot of times where it is not as effective as a dental savings plan. Doc Wellbee is a dental savings plan that wants to provide those in Tampa with the best dental insurance alternative in Tampa. If you would like to sign up for Doc Wellbee’s dental savings plan just call our office at (866)519-7667 or you can sign up online at docwellbee.com.

If you need costly restorative treatments to address dental problems, dental insurance may let you down. What does dental insurance cost and cover? If you pay out of pocket for two checkups and cleanings and a set of X-rays, your cost, on average, will be around $375-$400, according to the American Dental Association. Therefore, with a dental insurance policy you’re basically pre-paying for your essential preventive care. Before you buy dental insurance, check the annual maximum coverage provided by your plan, also known as the annual cap. Dental insurance policies generally limit coverage to $1000-$1,500 a year. When your dental costs go over that limit, you then have to pay for your own dental care for the rest of the year. Doc Wellbee provides the best dental insurance alternative in Tampa.

What is one of the first things that we notice about one another? Our similes, and more specifically, our teeth. The American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry took a survey and asked what the first thing people notice about other’s smiles, and the most frequent response was straightness. That helps explain why it may be hard to smile with confidence when your teeth are crooked and why orthodontic treatment is generally considered a wise investment. If you’re interested in getting a cheap dental savings plan in Miami be sure to give us a call at (866)519-7667 or go online to docwellbee.com. Doc Wellbee is your go to dental savings plan that will save you a lot of money at the dentist.

What causes crooked teeth? The technical term for crooked teeth is malocclusion. Malocclusions usually become evident when a child has a mixture of baby teeth and adult teeth, around age 7. At this point it’s possible to see if their jaw is large enough to accommodate growing teeth. If the jaw doesn’t have enough room, those new teeth will push into each other leading to crooked teeth. Orthodontic problems can also be caused by habits like thumb sucking. When a child sucks on their thumb, it will exert pressure on the teeth and over time can cause a malocclusion, where the top and bottom front teeth don’t meet when the mouth is closed. Another cause of malocclusions is the premature loss of baby teeth. If a baby tooth is lost prematurely, the adult tooth beneath it may not come up into the proper position, and end up crooked.

The gum tissue that surrounds your teeth plays an important role in both the health and appearance of your smile. Your gums act as a barrier to protect the jaw bone that supports your teeth from harmful bacteria, and the tooth-root surfaces beneath the gum line from the wear and tear they would otherwise be subjected to from biting and chewing food. Gum recession can create cosmetic and health issues because, unlike the upper portion of your teeth, tooth roots are not covered by white enamel. Exposed roots are also more prone to decay, and may become sensitive to hot or cold foods. Many ask, are dental plans worth the money in Augusta? Doc Wellbee’s certainly is! If you’re interested in signing up be sure to give us a call at (866)519-7667 or go online to docwellbee.com. Doc Wellbee offers the best dental discount plan in Augusta. 

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