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Not All Dental Plans Make You Smile
Be aware of your needs when comparing 
Some plans appear cheaper, but save you less on dental services you might use the most.   Some plans don’t also save you money on vision care, lab tests , MRI/CT scans and more.   None but
Doc Wellbee reward you after every teeth cleaning. 

For real savings comparison:

  • Compare Doc Wellbee's pre-negotiated fee on specific dental service – like exam, filling or cleaning
  • Compare Doc Wellbee's additional savings on vision care, lab tests, MRI/CT scans and  hearing services
  • Compare Doc Wellbee's Rewards earned after every six month cleaning – your choice of year-long subscription to favorite magazines like Men's Health, Better Homes & Gardens, Maxium, Family Circle and so many others.  Each adult family member can earn two new subscriptions a year!

Doc Wellbee = Simply Affordable
Doc Wellbee means no annual limits, everyone is accepted and no paperwork.  You simply pay lower costs for high-quality dental care.  Plan savings also reduce out-of-pocket health costs for vision care, lab tests, MRI/CT scans and more.


Did you know?

In the 1960s, most dental insurance plans had $1,000 annual limit.  Fifty years later, average limit is still $1,200.  Given inflation, your limit should be over $15,000 today!
In 1970s, average crown fees were $400 – today that price has more than doubled.  But insurance coverage limits are still the same!